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HiI have a problem with ping in VPN Client,In this senario, the VPN client should be able to ping PC-4 through ASA-1 (Site-A)but it could not.The router is able to ping Z.Z.Z.0/24.The Tunnel and VPN client are working.-------------------------------...

Is anyone running 8.4.2?  If so, have you seen any issues with this version?  I have been testing this code in my lab for the past four weeks and haven't seen any issues that would prevent me from upgrading my production ASA active/standby pair but w...

cclem by Level 1
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Hi all !can anyone help me with that :i have MLS : C6509-E SUP : VS-S720-10GPFC : VS-F6K-PFC3CXLim trying to find out what is its limitation for encrypted traffic via SVTI there .* i dont have a SPA for the ipsec .did anyone tried that or can lead me...

Hi I was wondering if anybody had any ideas about my remote access VPN. Its configured on a Cisco PIX525 running ver 6.3(5) (old I know!) and I am running Cisco VPN client ver 5.06.0160 on the client end. Ok so here's the thing. The client connects o...

I have a two ASA 5520's  and I want to be able to see or monitor the traffic between each tunnel. I am using external addresses but for the sake of this question I will use the following:  to .   How can I montior the traffic?   Thank...

dukeminus by Level 1
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Hi everybody,  I'm facing an issue with the VPN client. The deployment is:The HQ has an ASA5505 with Software version 8.2(5),This device act as the VPN concentrator.The Branch office is located at the airport. There, the Airport provide the Internet ...

Hi,Can we restrict remote user to login from specific ip address? Suppose if the use is present in office premisses then he/she can be able to login and If he/she is not is office premisses then not able to login in. Is it possible?Aman

All,We have an ASA5520 pair that we will be installing to load balance SSLVPN connections.  Below is a portion of our configs pertaining to the VPN load-balancing feature (configured on both ASAs)://///////////////////////////////////////////////////...

Hello,I am setting up an ASA5505 to allow a VPN with certificate from AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (iPad)However I get a "No License" message back from the ASA, on the iPad - Anyconnect.I remember reading the ASA5505 came with two licenses. Or a...

edwardre1 by Level 1
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Recently I have purchased my first Cisco ISR2 2911 with two WAN ports.Both of them are used through Policy Based Routing. Traffic filtering is done by Trend-Micro Content Based Security. Only Remote Access VPN is needed to finish off the configuratio...