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WRVS4400N site to site

Read a few posts, and going throught some sites, but I have the following network topology.3 offices and a few 'road warriors'.  Recommendation from a few people I went with the WRVS4400N routers.  Each are in place at the location and I need the fol...

QuickVPN client will not connect to wrvs4400n router

Hello:I am having difficulty getting the VPN feature on a WRVS4400N to connect. I have gone through the Quick setup guide set by step. ie added the user name and password to the router, generated and exported both .pem certificate files, installed th...

bmh by Beginner
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Which port is need on Linksys QuickVPN access

I want to set up the VPN service on remote site but it site have only one public IP available.I think can I set up the self own Linksys RV042 router in the ISP provided router LAN port and ask ISP use port forwarding to my Linksys RV042 router. So I ...

VoIP between IPSec VPN Sites issue

Hi, hoping for a little guidance on this issueI am deploying several ASA 5505's for a home office project for remote users. It is an IPSec VPN to the corporate and each user is set up with an IP range starting in the /27 subnet and moving...

hisham683 by Beginner
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Help with VPN

I am fairly new to VPN's so I'm having a bit of difficulty configuring a VPN.  I have a router outside of an ASA.  The router is doing the NATting as well as the VPN server.  I'm able to connect to the VPN, but cannot talk to subnets inside of the lo...

Resolved! Routing to SSL VPN client IP pool

Final goal:I’m creating SSL VPN access through an ASA to 3 server resources a couple networks away from the VPN network ingress. All servers are located on the same subnet.Current testing setup:I have the ASA configured for SSL VPN access through use...

newtwork1 by Beginner
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Asa5505 Site to Site Issue

Hello, I have an Asa5505 that I am trying to configure it to be a site to site vpn. I can get to the internet behind the asa and I can connect to the VPN, so it must be an issue with just the way that I am trying to connect site to site. IP of the VP...

xr5054yz85 by Beginner
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Cisco VPN client with Cisco 877 router

Hello,At home I have a Cisco 877 (ADSL) router, I need a couple of friends to be able to connect to my home network, can they use the Cisco VPN client to connect to my home router?  I've configured this before on Pix's and ASA's but it also always us...

Andy White by Participant
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Cisco Easy VPN and 2wire 3800hgv-b modem problems

I have cisco 851w router that is connected to att 2wire 3800hgv-b modem (att uverse) in DMZ mode. I configured the cisco router with Cisco Easy VPN. From outside I can establish VPN connection to 851w router using Cisco VPN Client and I can access LA...

Spoke & Hub VPN topology: Getting strange log msgs on hub site ASA 5520 trying to filter NAT'ed traffic from remote site PCs

I've got a Hub & Spoke VPN network set up with an ASA 5520 at the Hub/Headquarters location, and a 5505 at each of two remote "Spoke" sites, A & B. I wish to have all my Internet-destined traffic from PCs at the remote sites forced thru the tunnels b...

Static NAT for a VPN client on ASA5510

Hi,I have the following situation. I set up the IPSec l2l tunnel to ASA5510 with static IP and running 8.3(1) where the remote site (Peer) has dynamic IP.I need to create a static NAT for a server which is sitting at the peer's side, i.e. behind the ...

VPN Client Saved Password Removal

Hope you can helpI have installed my corporate VPN Client v4.9.01.0180 on the Mac - and it asked me to enter the username and password - I entered the password, and ticked the "Save Password" box - but I must have accidentally got one of the characte...

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