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I have a cisco 831 router that I am trying to setup for connectivity to office from laptop running VPN client. I have the router config done and have succesfully connected to it from another network, but I am having issues. First, the ip addresses ...

hi,we have a soho with a linksys device with has a dynamic IP. VPN3005 is based at the hub site.I'ld like to be sure about VPN3005 config for a lan-to-lan connection: what is the @ip for the Peer field ? is ok ?

itiec by Beginner
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Hi,Scenario:Site to Site VPN with Cisco 837 routers:Site A: Clients and PrintersSite B: Server and Print queuesSite A can communicate over the VPN using RDP to site B fine.Issue:Site B unable to send print jobs to printers on Site A. Also unable to t...

I am watching a strange phenomenon on my router here. Just for background, the router is a 7507 with RSP doing CEF (no dCEF or VIPs) running 12.1(21). It is used as a remote access server. It has an ISDN PRI card for dialup remote accesses, a coup...

I have a USR modem w/analog line connected to console port on Cisco 1721 or 2620XM router. Routers are running 12.3(12a) IP Plus images. Problem: I cannot connect to the modem when it's connected to the router. However, when the modem is disconnect...

We have several remote clients connecting to a 1720 router at our main site with the Cisco VPN Software Client. These remote clients are both being disconnected at random times.It would appear the disconnects are being caused by latency on the Inter...

nstahlman by Beginner
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Hello everyone, Need information on how to upgrade as5300 for the following... 1. adsl (user having adsl can connect) 2. quad E1 - more than 200 modem pool 3. ISDN connectivity is it possible to have as5800 to accept connections from adsl + dialu...

aaraaz747 by Beginner
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I've installed the VAC on my PIX but i'm not sure if i need to do any configurations to make it work properly. Or is it just supposed to take over the vpn connections automatically after it's been installed. Could someone please help?Thanks,Chris

Hi All,Below is an error message that I got on our VPN router. I checked Cisco webpage but couldn't find the solution. Can you please help me out? Thanks%CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_NOT_IPSEC : Rec'd packet not an IPSEC packet.(ip) vrf/dest_addr= [chars]/[...

ttran by Beginner
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I have many existing VPN groups setup on our 515E and everything is working fine. I have one person that needs access to only one specific server. I have read that since I'm using "sysopt connection permit-ipsec" all vpn traffic is permitted without ...

mweiss by Beginner
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