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VPN's for Dummies

I'm doing research for a project in my tech writing class and have chosen the rather broad topic of VPN's. The problem I am encountering is that I don't have enough general knowledge to understand what everyone is talking about. Is there a site whi...

echapin by Beginner
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User-Based ACLs for VPN Clients into PIX Firewall

We have a PIX firewall providing a LAN-to-LAN VPN to an IOS router. We want to incorporate VPN Client 3.x terminating on the firewall with extended authentication using RADIUS/TACACS+. We also want to be able to limit the hosts/subnets accessed by ...

nohare by Beginner
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Vpn in cable network

Can i set up a Vpn in cable network using cable modems at customer end and firewall at the central location.Some questions are with me1. Should i use any client software to get the connectivity.2. Can i get connectivity using Windows 2000 at client s...

Monitoring IPSEC

Is there a MIB that will cause a trap when, for whatever reason, encryption and/or decryption of packets is failing? If so, can you tell me the minimum IOS or where to find it?ThanksFHS

Deploying VPN Client

Does anyone know of any tools to use to deploy the Cisco VPN client version 3.6.1 K9?I tried using Systems Management Server to create the packages but errored out when pushing them to clients.Thanks,

joem by Beginner
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EIGRP routes lost over GRE/IPSEC tunnel

Hello,I have configured a remote office using a Linksys VPN router with cable modem connecting back to our main office to a 1720 with an IPSEC 3DES tunnel. That is configured and working fine.Beyond the two routers on each end in an additional route...

bdedek by Beginner
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VPN issues

1. With 2 units of Concentrator 3080, which method should I implement, VRRP or Load Balance to achieve robustness and service availablity. What are the things need to be justified for both, VRRP and Load Balance?2. How to properly documented the VPN ...

c.ong by Beginner
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Using IE through a VPN

I have a remote user who connects to our network through a cable broadband connection (Roadrunner) to our PIX 506e Firewall/VPN box. She is running Win98 and IE 6 sp1. When connected to our network through the VPN, she cannot use her web browser to s...

davis by Beginner
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Split-tunnelling with VPN Client

How secure is it to use this "split-tunnelling"-mode with the Cisco VPN Client.2 completely independent session maybe esstablished - on the one-handside to the internet - and on the other handside into the tunnel.But how likely is it to use the estab...

schimekh by Beginner
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