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Hi there!   I need to run OSPF over site-to-site IPsec tunnel on ASA. basically I have HQ, and 3 branches that need to be connected to the HQ via site-to-site and most importantly to run OSPF over the IPsec tunnel instead of default route.   HQ :ASA5...

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my VPN tunnel and cannot quite figure it out. I can see this error but I don't knwo what it means: IKE MM Responder FSM error history (struct &0x74547aa0)  <state>, <event>:  MM_DONE, EV_ERROR-->MM_WAIT_MS...

HISee attached file my question is I have a vpn router on a remote site which peers with our internal vpn router at our main site, we also have a broadband connection at remote site, Q. how could I set this up so if main link across VPN goes down the...

I have 2 anyconnect vpn profiles setup but whenever i change the domain and dns server on one of the profiles it changes it for the other profile. How can i setup my 2nd anyconnect profile so it doesnt point to the dns server and domain of the 1st an...

peat by Level 1
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I have been asked to research what is necessary to switch the VPNs configured on a few of our routers from running IKEv1 to IKEv2.  I need some help with this.  Can I get an idea of what is needed to do this (CLI commands)?  What will happen to the V...

lanmanjs by Level 1
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To who need to configure VPN between ASA and Azure Gateway Cloud, here are commands how to do it on ASA ver 9.8.2   crypto map Outside_map0 1 match address Outside_cryptomap_1crypto map Outside_map0 1 set pfs group24crypto map Outside_map0 1 set peer...

Hi,   I'm not using BGP this is just a simple connection to Azure using VTI (I'm running version 9.9.2(36))   Debugs are showing nothing so Im missing something fundamental?   -=-=-=-=-=Config-=-=-=-=- #IKE v2 Proposal!crypto ipsec ikev2 ipsec-propos...

Hello Guys,  @balaji.bandi please explain label sppofin attack in detail ? I am kind of confuse on it. We are using MPLS for site to site connectivity and as per my knowledge there is no encryption for traffic when it enters MPLS cloud.  I was thinki...

ITexpert by Level 3
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