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Hi...Can you please tell me about VPN,How can i connect 10 sites through VPN..what type of VPN router wud be required ..and some h/w details for establishment of the VPN...what will be the roles of Service providers..Can I take VPN services from Serv...

I am in the process of troubleshooting audio quality issues remote users are seeing on occasion during calls. At this time we are not using any kind of QOS but I have found that DSCP flags are dropped during DTLS encapsulation and bandwidth queuing i...

Matthew by Level 1
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running 8.4(5) on ASA5550im trying to renew the certificate for webvpn, however we have a new requirement that  the signature  Algorithm should be SHA-256 but when i create the new RSA keys and enroll the trust-point to generate the CSR, i cant find ...

Hi All,I have the CISCO1921/K9 with Cisco IOS Software, C1900 Software (C1900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(3)M, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1).I whant to monitor with snmp how many people are conected to the vpn.I can see this information with the cliras-hb2...

Can someone please help me figure out why I am seeing multiple "orphaned" tunnel entries in my VPN session page of ASDM?  I am running two ASA5525x firewalls in Active/Standby configuration and the tunnel in question is setup as IKEv2 with V1 as a fa...

 I was trying to encrypt a ftp data using IPSec in RHEL 7 server and client. I have followed this link https://libreswan.org/wiki/Host_to_host_VPN. I'm running 'get' to get a file from server using ftp and capturing packets from both client side and ...

bgupta001 by Level 1
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Hello,we've got a problem implementing a WAN failover solution with Cisco ASA 5505. Everything works fine, the IPSEC L2L also gets established if initiated from the remote side (another ASA),but the tunnel gets torn down deliberately after a few seco...

pa.wagner by Level 1
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Guys,I am trying to configure Site-to-Site VPNs as below:                         ----->Site A (already working)                         |ASA 5520 ------------- >Site B                         |                         --->Site CSite A,B,C are cyberg...

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