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I am having a very odd issue that is causing some issues.I have two ways people can VPN in to their network, one using the Cisco AnyConnect and one using Native Windows VPN. I have everything working good and we can all connect.Here is the issue........

burleyman by Collaborator
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Hi Guy's. I have two ASA 5510's that have been running a site to site for some time. Yesterday around 11:00am this suddenly stopped work. The tunnel is up and operational but i'm unable to ping any devices on with end. 1: Phase 1 IKE negotiation is u...

Locayta123 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,still struggling with the EZVPN setup.This is instantaneous setup at the moment.LAN ---- inside-(​ ASA outside-(DHCP private IP) ---- (private IP)-ISP Router-(public IP)The ISP blocks UDP/500 and UDP/4500 so there is no way to se...

MaDe by Beginner
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Hello guys,I have the following question regarding this bug. In the bug summary it says that the bug is fixed, but in the "Known fixed releases" it shows no releases and there is a number of zero there, which to me means that it is not fixed.How to f...

vesk01 by Beginner
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Hello,I am actually trying to build a VTI tunnel. This case is a little particular ; as on the remote side i have router which is using a private ip address instead of a public (like i do habitually)Router gi0/0        -->      4G Modem     -->     I...

Johann by Beginner
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Hello, I am currently working with a client on a potential solution to an issue he has at present. The idea is to hold a phone system in a datacenter behind a Cisco ASA 5505, with upto 6 sites connecting in direct over IPSec VPN. (Site to Site)I am c...

thomasg02 by Beginner
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Hello!Already more than a week ago, as we had a new channel of communication from MGTSa (ONT terminal Sercomm RV6688BCM, who just barely made in the "bridge" - was forced to make the provider in order to receive our white Cisco Ip-address), and now I...

AnReykfi2 by Beginner
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Hi!I have a questions about DMVPN phase II.- why first packets between spokes will flow through hub? How can i influence on quantity of this packets, or on time of this kind of flow direction?- Is it mandatory to use no eigrp next-hop self and no ip ...

Hi All, One of my customers has a requirement to use  3G/4G VPN connections over GSM Network (private APN) as backup links to integrate his branches into his existing IP/VPN Network. So we proposed Cisco C819G-4G-G-K9 router for this solution and my ...

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