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HI All   I configure IPsec VPN and working fine however I have an issue every time the connection become Idle and when I ping a traffic the VPN become Active. is there any option to make the VPN Active always for example by making one end Initiator a...

henokk601 by Beginner
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Hi. I was hoping to see ikev2 logs after entering "debug crypto ikev2" on a cisco router (C891FJ-K9) but nothing shows up on the router log. What could I be missing here?

We have a couple of new M1 Macbook Pros with macOS Monterey 12.5We've noticed that our Cisco AnyConnect client ver 4.10.03104  will launch its embedded browser to complete SAML authentication and we are able to authenticate and connect, but we can't ...

TeddyT by Beginner
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I am looking to migrate our current Client VPN connection that is using IKEv1 in Aggressive Mode over to IKEv2.  We currently have the connection going through a 4000 series ISR.  Currently we have the router configured with the normal ISAKMP based c...

Got a question why some P 1 S2S tunnels had a lifetime of 28800 even if policy configured when setting up the tunnel are 86400.Started digging and it seems to do with IKEvX1/2 policy priority, where if there is multiple policies, the one with lowest ...

mahiragil by Beginner
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I install vpn on my machin but not found anywhere in application folder  also when I start it shows one pop up cisco  is block. and I try to install it shows already in your machine. please help me. I attach screenshot.  

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 4.03.29 PM.png Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 9.48.12 PM.png

We have Anyconnect running fine on all of our laptops, but we have a requirement to enable start before login for a visually impaired person. The authentications is done via certificates,We have deployed the gina part and this is visible at the login...

Hi,I need to change the existing IKE policy(priority ID 1) with different parameter values.But the IKE policy is already combined with IPSec tunnel already.As my plan for this, I am going to copy the existing IKE policy to a new one with different pr...

kay.kang by Beginner
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