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We have configured verification for our organization in our DNS and confirmed it in the Webex interface. We have also successfully claimed a user before. When trying to claim a specific person's email, we get the following error message:Warnings and ...

Hey,I installed CWMS 4, it supposed to be with HA and IRP.I manage successfully to connect the Main IRP to the main system,But when I try to add HA from the second system(when I choose "use this system for HA", and check the "use IRP", Manual deploym...

netanelda by Beginner
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We have a number of users setup in Webex that over a month ago status changed to Inactive. Checking Webex Control Hub users the users are no longer appearing at all to ,change status to Active. Users have also been deleted from spaces so assuming the...

H.323 is advertised as working for Webex. All of our invites have a line saying "You can also dial and enter your meeting number." This works fine unless your endpoint is behind a NAT. I'm trying to use this for B2B calls for customers a...

jbburks by Contributor
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Hi there, We are deploying the Webex application during SCCM task Sequencing.  The installer leverages the SITEURL command to integrate the default URL for the users.  As we have multiple sites configured globally, we need to populate that URL based ...

Maybe I'm missing something but I can't seem to find a way to get a transcription of a recorded Webex meeting. In control hub or standard Webex administration, is there some sort of setting I'm missing? We have control hub and on for our me...

stevenle by Beginner
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Any idea why some of our users show up in Webex with [First name] [Last name] and some show up with [EID]? We do have a mix of licensed accounts and free accounts in our ControlHub. I'm thinking if people don't have a license and they "Continue as Gu...

sampsxn by Beginner
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