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is it possible to separate two VLANs:one is running for the users VLAN connects to the clientsone is for management purpose.Is there a sample code available for access points, bridges, and switches?I am really appreciated that

Chieu Dinh by Beginner
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One of Cisco Wireless AP 1242 installed in my premises restarts itself; AP is getting power from Catalyst 2960 POE. I am using multiple SSID on this AP. I have issued the show tech-support. I have seen below in tech-supportSystem was restarted by unk...

csm_awais by Beginner
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This might be a stupid question: I have 7 AIR-LAP 1231G-A-K9 APs: I have two of them up and working and the other 5 turned off: The vendor (before I was here) had a answer to every problem: add more APs. I know it's hard to believe. The WLC shows the...

   I have a question with the CAPWAP command. Typically, when I get 1142N from our provider, they have no configuration on them and all I need to do is enter 4 lines of code all starting with CAPWAP and then I have them join the controller and finish...

Hi,In our mesh network. there are 8 root ap's and 15 mesh ap's. we'r using 1552E ,i have few questions on it:1. If the ap's acting as mesh ap are connected with only 2.4 ghz external antenna, will they have problem joining the root access point to fo...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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himy controller is a 2120 with firmware version 7.0.126s/N : sjmx152241aqI have a wcs server installed on a Windows 2003 version is 7.0.220my problemj'ai une configuration  pour la semaine de 17 heures à 23 heures. This configuration workI would like...

Can anyone tell me if Cisco Aironet 1141 / 1142 access points support roaming without use of a wireless LAN controller? (Or perhaps where I can find info about this topic)Thx

by Not applicable
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Is there ant simple configuration guid for 1042 , i have two floors and two WAN IPs one on each floor . I want to setup my users in such a way that they only See 1 SSID and they dont hav eto change anything when they move around from 1 floor to anoth...

Getting an error from NCS.The following error is obvserved in NCS  CleanAir Sensor Status: 'Down' Error Code: 'CleanAir sensor is not  operational due to crash. Please reset AP to resolve problem.'The WLC version is The AP IOS version is 1...

Hello !It seems that the list of Mac address <-> Vendor name list is not up to date in WCS.For exemple, I have the following MAC connected : 7c:c5:37:7d:97:38. It appears as unkown in WCS but it is an Apple device and the following web site confirms ...

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