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Hello,I have a environment with 90 Access Points and 2 controllers working with the same configuration.When i connect 7925G i can make calls when connected in one Access Point and when i realize the roaming to another i have problems and in my screen...

Hi All,We recently applied a 3rd party SSL certificate to our 5508 (running to be used for guest web authentication. It's working, however Mac clients are getting invalid certificate messages. This seems to be due to Mac’s default behavior...

Hello all.I am slightly confused as the DHCP configuration on the WLAN controllers. I have created WLAN SSID 'test' assigned to dynamic interface 'test' using vlan 410. I want my WLAN clients to use DHCP to get their IP addresses when associated/auth...

darrenj by Beginner
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Does there exist a way to configure /allow a Cisco Aironet Access Point to provide wireless connectivity to two different subnets; and A WCS / WLAC is used & VLANs are used too. I knowlll that switching between subnets/VLANs a rou...

kdwillson by Beginner
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Hi All,we have a controller runiing, we have some AP's ( mainly 3502's) that keep disassociating from the controller, the AP's dont reboot or loss power, they just disassociate. there uptime does not change just the Controller Associated Ti...

Hi,I have two WLC 5508 and I´d like to know if it´s possible to replicate the configurations, for E.g:if i create a new vlan on one wlc the configuration will be replicated to other and  won´t necessary to put the configuration in the other wlc manua...

RGENTIL87 by Beginner
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I have 8 2504 controllers and each needs to have a minimum of 20 MAC addresses added. I would rather not add them one at a time but I don't see any features that allow for an import. Does any one know of a way to do the import?

Questions:- When you setup a repeater, is the repeater will show as an access point in the WCS or it does not show at all in the access point list?- Is the parent of the repeater can see the repeater as the association access point only?

Hi guys,I am trying to apply WLAN template from NCS to two WLCs 5508 and I receive this message."Another WLAN with same SSID and either WPA1/ WPA2/ WPA1+WPA2 is enabled. Please change the Layer 2 security policy."The template has layer 2 security wit...

Resolved! Wireless Bridge

Hello everyone,Looking to put a wireless bridge in to connect 2 building about 2000 feet apart.  Excellent Line Of Site from rooftop to rooftop.  Very little data traffic but will be running Voice over the link.  Anyone have any input on using the 13...

angel-moon by Participant
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   Hello,In the ISE documentation is states that under a Guest_Activity report you must have guest access logging enabled on the NAD in the ISE network. My question is where do I enable  guest access logging in the WLC that is our NAD?

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