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Hi,I wonder if it is possible to get an availability report of an AP's group through the WCS, not for all the APs of the group, but for the group.Thanks in advanced.Best regards,Laura Herrero

lauraherr by Beginner
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Hello,in the  "ASK THE EXPERTS - WIRELESS LAN CONTROLLERS " terminated in August 2010 a question was asked regarding the support of multiple vlans with WLCs.The answer was: Yes, you will be able to pass multiple VLANs using WGB in the 7.0 release, bu...

Hi all,we have a cisco wireless infrastructure that includes a WCS and Locator Appliance to manage and monitor the entire cisco equipement.We want to produce a third party application to obtain information from the device mentioned before using the c...

mempireo1 by Beginner
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Hello,I currently have an 1121 acting as a bridge to allow my wireless clients to connect to the internet via an 871. I want to upgrade my WAP to a model that supports Wireless N and WPA2. The most affordable model I can find is the AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9...

cventici by Beginner
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Hi,Is there any way to change a setting which causes a user logged in to the web browser interface (or connected via ssh) to have to re-authenticate. Im getting annoyed by being disconnected from the AP and having to re-authenticate.TIA

IM-Design by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco AIR-ANT2506

Hi everybodyI have a question about  installing a wireless solution with the AIR-ANT2506 connected to the acces point 1242AG-A-K9 (LWAPP) and the goal is register the ap to the controller 2504.This antenna is supported by the controller?Thanks.

juankcs85 by Beginner
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I'm thinking of replacing our old HP based WiFi network with a Cisco controller based one.I'm thinking of getting the following:* Cisco 2504 controller with 25 AP license* 6 pcs 1142N APs for covering the office where most people work (about 25 peopl...

mathias by Beginner
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Hi,I am having issues registering Cisco 3502 APs with a WLC 5508. They initially register and then disassociate with the controller and fail to re-register. Is there something I am missing? Is it possible to telnet to AP and factory rest the AP. I ge...

HOLA!Alguien tiene información respecto a si este power injector puede operar con AP´s 1600 y 3500?sl2

v-ortiz by Beginner
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Hi Guys,Recently I purchased AIR-WLC2112-K9, but when I logged in I saw that system shows only 6 APs supported (I made print screen in addition).I'm running IOS v. and I saw that there was some problems with earlier versions of IOS, but not...

With the newest version of code on the controller, I have seem to lost the power translation levels for the Transmit Power. We typically try to set the APs on controllers we deal to go no lower than 50%, Power Level 4. On the old 6.x version of code ...

nshoe18 by Beginner
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