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We have two wlc in the system 5508 and 4402.we config HA for 2 wlc, both wlc enable LAGWhen I connect 2 interface  of 5508 to 2 interface (in a port channel mode on, trunk, dot1q) of acouple of VSS switch, I cant management 5508 through web any more,...

ngo duyen by Level 1
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Hi All,I have cisco WLC (AIR-WLC4402-12-K9) with two LAP (AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9) connected to switch and one of the LAP is able to register with WLC while other one was standalone AP which has been converted to LAP which is unable to register with WLC. ...

Hello All,I know this has been talked about a few other times, but here's the issue I'm running into and would appreciate any assistance. I'm trying to tie in LDAP to my WLC for wireless web-authentication. This setup works when I have a simple OU co...

Hi,There is problem in Cisco unified wireless deployment in my scenario. There a multiple locations in the environment and hence we had to implement separate WLC solutions for each location. In the same we implemented different unique SSID in each lo...

I was hoping to get some assistance on getting the 1231g to work with WPA2-PSK (AES).  My laptops cannot authenticate using this config but connect fine to the 1242AG.  Below are some of the specifics:1231GRadio Type: AIR-MP31GIOS Ver: 12.3(8) JEDMul...

ROD CONLU by Level 1
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I could see that antenna gain setting under 802.11b/g ap showing 0 valu. However, the antenna connected to that AP is AIR-1728 which has 5.2dbi. Please let me know if it shows 0 then will I get the Maximum power ? or do we need to change ito some val...

hassan_si by Level 1
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I have a 5508 WLC that for whatever reason cant take any DNS settings, but I still need to get some filtering on the public hotspot side of my wireless network. Can I put the DNS settings on the router that the circuit terminates on? This is the same...

Hello i want to configure a guest SSID on WLC 4400 series but i want it to go direct to the internet i mean it can not use the corporate network (server and other applications)and i want layer 2 security on it WPA2as i know i need to configure a inte...

john smith by Level 1
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