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In WCs version the RF Calibration Models command is missing from the drop down menu on the Maps page. Does this required a more than a Base license (it was there with the Demo license)? I can't find anything in the documentation saying this...

pinglis by Level 7
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heyExpert as we all know while conducting WIPT survey we have to consider  following characteristcis which should not be exceed from specific valueRSSI=35 SNR =25  Signal Strength = -67  these are values for 80.11 b/g surveywhat if  i condcutng a sur...

I have a client that connects to an Access Point on the floor above.  The connection is "Very Low" and pings are choppy.  Is there a way to force the client to connect to the Access Point on its own floor down the hall.Using 1131AG  Access Points; WL...

msekula by Level 1
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This is a generic question... how do u validate wIPS alerts if your wireless devices are spread in different physical locations(buildings, cities, states, countries)?For ex: “DoS: Queensland University of Technology Exploit” and “DoS: RF jamming" ale...

Hello,I have read that WiSM supports 12 modules in a cluster for a total of 3,600 AP in a mobility domain. In some other sources I read that it can cluster up to 7,200 APs. What is the real number of APs it can cluster in a mobility domain?. How many...

Is there a way to make a single public address map to multiple public addresses on an ASA utilizing HTTP Host Header Records like a Microsoft ISA Server does?Thank you.

davep by Level 1
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Does anyone know how to search for/sort clients by eap-type.  I am trying to determine how many clients I have on the network using LEAP before we decide what ACS version to upgrade to.   Under client reports I only see "authentication" and "protocol...

c.fuller by Level 1
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We have WCS points are LAP1131AGThe parameters for every radio are managed via templates.Power is assigned dynamically.Load Threshold:  Max client=12.The problem that we have is that sometimes AP's accept as twice as the maximum numbe...

iromero by Level 1
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Hi,I have several AP´s working with WLC 4400 series. The workstation with Cisco PCI wifi cards detect high latency when I ping several servers. It´s strange because always is the same patrol of high latency. Each 20 sec 3 peaks of high latency in all...

samsita by Level 1
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Hey Experti have downloaded AIRMAGNET  survey & planner  and netstublmer is there any other software which  i missing for conducting my WIreless SurveyKindly suggest meThanks /Regards

Hi,Is it possible to either power on and off lightweight PoE-connected APs from the central controller and/or explicitly tell the AP to go from high-power mode into low-power mode (with all radios turned off) and vice versa?(Ideally I'd like to do th...

james_90_ by Level 1
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Is it possible to take an AIR-LAP1252AG-A-K9 and make it an autonomous version (AIR-AP1252AG-A-K9) by loading the appropriate IOS software?  I should have ordered the autonomous version for my implementation as I don't have or need a WLC.  If this is...

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