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Hi guys,  I have a 1702 AP that is connected to a wlc 2504 and works fine. I need to move the AP to a new controller, WLC-9800-CL with software version 17.3.6. I have icmp and capwapp connectivity between AP and controller. This are the messages that...

Hi there,we are using an new 9800 WLC with old 28xx and new 91xx APs. After some time we noticed UDP traffic hitting our firewall on Port 16670 between some differnt APs. I was not aware that APs "talk" to each other. Is this normal behavior?The usua...

jan.kunze by Beginner
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Ran into a weird problem that all started when I changed the PSK a WLAN uses. The SSID of the WLAN stayed the same, only the PSK changed. Since changing the PSK, even though we went through and updated the password on the wireless devices connecting ...

Resolved! Catalyst 9166AXI

Could someone please provide me with the command that will convert the 6Ghz radio to the 5Ghz radio from the CLI? I would like to run Dual 5Ghz radios on the access point but everytime I use the following command. I get the error stating this is not ...

hi  need assistance and advise. we are using wlc 5508, recently upgraded to and since then clients are having issues on Wi-Fi- the corp Wi-Fi (SSID) 1. connection is dropping a lot 2.connected but no internet access this is only happening s...

Hi! We are setting up some changes on a Cisco network. And would like to have some feedback from you on best approach. Could not get answers yet to some questions, and been told here is the best approach.We have a hold Cisco Catalyst 2960 Plus with 4...

Resolved! WLC9800CL

Good day all,My name is Allan. I want some help configuring WLC-9800-CL HA. The controllers are already up, and I can access them on the ESXi server. The main issue is how to add three departments so that they can access Wi-Fi using different SSIDs. ...

Allan001 by Beginner
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Hello everyone, There is a very anxious fault here, we bought the WLC5520 with 50 permanent licenses, so I added 50 RTU licenses, but here shows no-in-use, I don't know what this is, please help me solve, thank you very much . Here is the show licen...

Rps-Cheers by VIP Collaborator
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Hi Console is stuck there, please see the below error message. and cannot type anything only when the console is plugged into the AP c9130. Anyone has experience about this? Thank you % Authentication failedNo valid user found, please configure a val...

Hi C9130 is configured to join wlc 9800. Both devices are connected to core switch via same vlan. The ap ip address is and the wlc AP-mgmt ip address and the switch ip is When we configure ap, there is two commands that ...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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Hello, I have WLC-CL_9800 in private cloud, OS version 17.6.4. I need to downgrade the OS to 17.3.6 because i need to join some 1700 and 2700 Access Points. I have tried to downgrade the WLC via CLI and via Web, but after reboot, it keeps it`s origin...

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