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Hello, I have a WLC9800 with 9115 APs.For clients, I have a Vlan (100) mapped to an ssid. I want to add another vlan (102) mapped to the same ssid.I have added the vlan 102 (configuration, layer2, add vlan), i have created a vlan group and added both...

Hello ,We are having problem with one AP to join the WLC , all others successfully the controlle. the console output is :[*03/19/2024 09:08:50.0003] CAPWAP State: DTLS Setup[*03/19/2024 09:08:50.0035] dtls_process_packet: DTLS Error: 1040[*03/19/2024...

zillams by Level 1
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We have a chicken & egg situation where ISE requires a user's login and the presence of a user cert from AD before the user can be permitted to connect to the corporate wifi. But the user needs to connect to wifi to get the cert. One solution i have ...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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I have a WLC with 11 registered access points I tried to integrate a new equipment, but I see that I already have my 37 licenses in use. Can you guide me and let me know what this is due to?there is a way to release licenses from the WEB portal or...

angelalmaras_0-1713897847230.png angelalmaras_1-1713898066080.png angelalmaras_2-1713898103303.png

Hi,I have a Flex Connect design on a new 9800 WLC.I would like to know if I can have a different VLAN ID per SSID like the AireOS FlexConnect Group - WLAN VLAN mapping. In my design the Flex Profile is equal to a Branch Office. So I would like to con...

tlarsen by Level 1
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Hello everyone,There is a wireless network in use with AP2800 ME.I plan to link one more AP and change the SSID to a hidden SSID.The added AP operates normally and there is no connection problem. The IPs of all AP users connected to the controller AP...

limyh by Level 1
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Hi ,I am facing one issue. AP9115AXI (access point) acquired IP address from DHCP. Confirmed with ARP table on switch.But  the command sh cdp nei detail - doesn't show IP address of AP. AP not yet associated to WLC.Any suggestion?With Regards,Ravindr...

Hello Team, I get some clients on Guest failing to associate. And this is what I find in Prime events about one of the clients.Can someone help with the explanation for this event and the fix.Also client is supposed to get the EUP page and accept it....

collrbbrt by Level 1
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Hi!I made converted an 2702i from light to autonomous, changing the image to the version: flash:/ap3g2-k9w7-mx.153-3.JC/ap3g2-k9w7-xx.153-3.JCThis image have web interface very unstable (we need to apply many times the configuration to save) and rece...

i've seen this item "Site Tags AP to WNCd distribution" in best practice of C9800 Design and Deploymentmy quiestion is how can i configure multiple WNCd and where is the location of settings in webui? 

Felix5 by Level 1
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