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I'm looking for an SNMP variable that will give me a list of the APs associated with a WiSM controller. It looks to me like I want some of the values from CISCO-LWAPP-AP-MIB ( However when I query the controller it claims that ...

promig by Beginner
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Have some 20 Compaq EVO N600c and N410c with Multiport W200 wireless adapter installed that now crashes in Windows XP sp2 (using 801.x 128bit WEP). Switching off the adapter "cure" this but isnt very practical...This began some weeks ago and didnt fi...

sorvarit by Beginner
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Because WISM module support LAG protocol over its 4 gigabit links (will be seen by only 1 link), I don't think I have to activate the spanning tree over those. Am I right, any others considerations for that ?

robetrem by Beginner
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After installing the WCS 4.0 Heatmap client count (per AP) is inaccurate. Even after clicking the refresh button. After drilling down by clicking on the AP while in client display mode DOES show a correct AP count.Is this problem unique to our part...

I have a small site, 12 employees, five of whom will need wireless access to the LAN.This site has an 877 (not 877W) and so I need a wireless access point.I've been looking at the Cisco Aironet 1130AG. Can anyone make a recommendation, something that...

I Have 2 Cisco 1242 Access Point my users complain that their connection drops when they move within the building , as far as i know both AP are placed in such a manner that users connection auotmatically hops between both AP . Can some body Advise m...

akbar1 by Beginner
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We have a wireless setup including a Cisco ACS RADIUS server. I was checking the reports and under "Failed Attempts" , I found a failed attempt of description "Unknows NAS" and NAS IP address which does not belong to our network.Can someone explain m...

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