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Hi there Where can i get a replacement oower supply for the AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 access point? When i mail to Cisco Switzerland (cs-support@cisco.com), i don't get any answers. And i wrote at least 5 mails (in 3-4 weeks) but i never got an anwser. This ...

jmar83 by Beginner
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Hello Cisco, We have a cisco Lan controller 2504 with 38 access points.I have a Cisco 1815W AP with 4 Lan ports.I need to enable these LAN ports. Lan port should be same member in WLAN.I need to connect a IP Phone in 1815W AP in the same VLAN.How can...

Hello i have a problem about Wireless with AP 1815I Cisco  . 1-  when i test ping to AP1815I  from  PC  wifi  , it gives me this result , the time is greater than 1 ms . Réponse de : octets=32 temps=6 ms TTL=64Réponse de 10...

Hello I have a problem with other AP7  1815I  have the same problem : time of test ping 1000ms and RSSI 90dbm  and  i send  two picture paramter data rate of dual band !! so i resolve  all AP and only this AP7 have this problem  wirless and time 1000...

HiAnyone have succes with creating a Webauth WLAN on a 9800 (17.3.1). Want to use 9800-cl internal webserver to do webauth but no success so far. Don't got login webpage and guides i have found are pretty bad. ThanksKasper

hallo.Ich suche eine Möglichkeit mehrere Access Points gleichzeitig zu konfigurieren da ich für ein Projekt knapp 3000 AP konfigurieren muss die fast alle die selben einstellungen erhalten sollen.Es gibt von Zyxel ein Tool welches so etwas für deren ...

SteveHH by Beginner
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Hello everyone. I am having problem with assigning wireless channels among my APs. The problem is my workplace is consist of 2 buildings and each has4 floors with high density of people. Before allocating the APs, we ordered Wi-Fi survey from service...

Hello All, I was given a 8540 WLC sitting on a CIMC server, and I tried so many times to install the primary image, clear configs, manually upload an image with no luck. I even sent Cisco TAC an email and I was told we do not have a support contract ...

mathemba by Beginner
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