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Hi All- I am developing configs for an upgrade from 5520s to 9800s.  I made some errors in specifying the native VLAN for my test site in the Flax profile.  After some additional testing it appears that everything works fine no matter what native VLA...

We have about 300 branch offices with 1-50 flex connect APs. Most of them has 1-4 APs. Should I configure an unique site tag for each office or can I combine branches into a smaller number of site tag and not to exceed the maximum of 100 AP/ST ?There...

Hi all! Lately I've seen something that I can't find any info about. Attached to the discussion is a print from DNAc 360 where it seems that the AP don't have any connection to the WLC. But it's in the WLC, handling clients and working well.Another i...

I have a client using 1852 AP with version 8.5.182.Total 10 AP with 1 as a controller to cover 3 offices across 3 levels.users at level 2 with Mac devices ( IPAD Pro and Mac book-running  IOS 15 ) experience intermittent disconnect and connect to the...

owen2 by Level 1
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I hope someone can help me. I have a Cisco WS-3650-24TS switch, running 03.07.02E RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1), (which is old I know, as I am new, I am trying to bring the Infrastructure up to date), which has wireless control capabilities and I believe wi...

pdwyer by Level 1
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Hello everyone!Just bought the CP-8861-3PCC-K9 model, setting it up with RingCentral, phone gets provisioned and it comes online everything looks good, however usually online Line 1 and Line 2 are active, right now it forces all 10 Lines to be active...

Resolved! Ap1815i Config

Hi Everyone, As a company we decided to introduce more robust wifi, we are currently using wap121 which have served their purpose, but due to Teams Voice and Video, they are not meeting our needs. So I had a browse and plumped for the AP1815i model, ...

pdwyer by Level 1
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