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Additional NSO group name

I would like to create an additional nco group called ncseng just like ncsoper and assign users to this group based on an LDAP role.  What I have created so far is the following for web access and cli access:set nacm groups group ncsengset nacm rule-...

jandy33 by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco 1702i Access point

Hi, I've purchased a cisco 1702i AP. I need to use it as an autonomous AP and set it via it's onboard web server as I'm used to do with other "low cost" models and brands. Please let me know if it is possible and how to do it. I'm not sure the proces...

TrustSec on Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller (Cat 9K)

Hi All,   Working on a project with the new eWLC and the Cisco 9130i APs, is inline tagging supported in this model, or are we forced to do SXP? I know the vWLC doesn't support inline, even with the 3702s/3802s, but curious about the new 9K platform....

Rob4 by Cisco Employee
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Cancel WLC upgrade before rebooting

I have downloaded a new image to a virtual WLC but before rebooting the controller, I pre-downloaded the image to the APs.Some APs are getting the status None on the Predowload Status.During my investigation I found that those APs are not supported b...

saulov8 by Beginner
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AP 1572

Good Team;I have a concern I have an AP1572EAC-A-K9 with ios lightweight, I wish I could covert autonomously.Do you have any method to do it?

Francho02 by Beginner
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Cisco WLC 5508 WLAN SSID 802.1x

Hello everyone,, I have a Cisco 5508 WLC (8.3.150 release) with 25 WLAN SSID configured and 352 Acess Point.  In particular there is a WLAN SSID configured as Layer 2 Security as 802.1x (WEP). These 352 Access Point are installed in more location and...

Devabhai by Beginner
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Resolved! transfer image to wlc as backup image

is it possible to transfer a new software image to the wlc as backup image and not disturbing the primary boot image?i need to do this so i can predownload the later new backup image software down to the AP.   

IOS13 and 802.1x

Since upgrading my iPhone XS to IOS 13 I seem to be having a constant problem with accessing my company wifi. I'm constantly getting booted off it and having to re-enter my credentials. When I do it works fine. But as soon as I return after leaving t...

action711 by Beginner
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802.11 EAPOL capture on Macbook Pro

Hi Team,This is happening with any wireless networks (Cisco/Ruckus or others). I have got some captures from Macbook at this stage which show that EAPOL Frame M1 to M4 is out sequence. M2, M1, M4, M3. Is this a normal (by design) for Apple Macbook to...

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