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Can we send the Cisco prime infrastructure local logs to external syslog server ? What I am trying to ask is if a user try to login to the Cisco prime and he is not able to login and we want to send that failed login attempts in the Cisco prime to an...

BhaskarDS by Beginner
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What is the best way to verify the antennas have been aligned correctly?  Another post recommended reading the RSSI value, but I'm not sure where this is found on a 1532?  The AP's are connected to a controller and reachable on SSH. 

wshuffman by Beginner
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Hello,I'm looking for a function on the WLC to disable a SSID on a specific group of Access Points.For Example I have a ssid called “logistic” which is used at the Access Points in the Logistic Area.But I don't want this ssid “logistic” on th...

Can anyone let me know if we can do inline upgrade of Cisco Prime infrastructure Virtual Machine from 3.1 to 3.3 ?   As per the quick start guide , it is mentioned that for upgrading from 3.1.x virtual machine to 3.3, a new virtual machine should be ...

BhaskarDS by Beginner
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Looking to implement temporary GuestWireless Design prior to while the ISE deployment is in procress. Went with NextGen networking for WLC 552 and AP 3800. Since the WLC dos not support DHCP does anyone have any suggestions for GuestNetwork design. W...

paulsa3598 by Beginner
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Trying to setup a wireless bridge between 2 1542 and a 3504. I have the 1542 joined to the controller and under the wireless tab set in bride mode but on APSub Mode i can not select a different function. Under AAA/mac filtering they are added in ther...

po by Beginner
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Evening All,    I have a few questions regarding Wireless WLC and ISE , The best way to configure the following .    1. A guest network that can use a token to login and change every day,week etc.  I see the token option on ISE but cannot find any do...

Hi Everyone, I have a little problem which i would be grateful for the help. I have setup with a virtual wlc, a PAN and PSN , an AP and a laptop with anyconnect client. There is a mangement interface (ESXI) and two SSIDs created for internal and gues...

uzochikwa by Beginner
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HI everybody,   sometimes,i will see “XOR” in wireless,but i cannot understand what's meaning about it. So,i want to know it's full name and fuction about it.   Thanks a lot!

Rps-Cheers by VIP Collaborator
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Hello All, I set up a wireless network one years ago with one WLC ( model:2500  version: without any probleme. Since around two weeks, performance go down only for the wireless network which is a part of the local wired network (no vlan). I...

In my warehouse environment, i have 27 AP (AIR-AP2802E-K-K9) configure with Cisco mobility express and security WPA 2 Enterprise with using local radius server.   I am facing issues is when my mobile devices success connect to my WiFi with WPA2 Enter...

Hi Folks,   I have a question related to a MU-MIMO (Cisco 1830 LAP) access point. But I think this applies to all MU-MIMO access points.   Could a MU-MIMO access point serve a 802.11g and 802.11n/ac clients simulteniously? Thank you.

IgorFi by Beginner
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