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Resolved! AP not joining vWLC

Hi community. I have installed an vWLC AIR-CTVM-K9, version - straight from the .ova with standard config. in my ESXI 6.7,  Meaning I haven't changed anything.I have a couple of AP's cisco AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 - Cisco IOS Software, C2700 Softw...

setting up my ap 3700

 1) Can we configure AP AIR-CAP370I-E-K9 (atonomous)t o make the user from the organization to authrize automaticaly by MAC filtering without provide any credential.? how ?2) (atonomous) can we create guest access with limited time access.  how ?I do...

Wireless AC Clients Randomly Disconnect

Users are being randomly disconnected from the wireless APs, all users are not disconnected at the same time. When Windows clients are disconnected they receive the "globe" rather connected icon. After about 10-15 seconds the connectivity is restored...

Cisco Catalys AIR-2802 Repair

Cisco Catalys AIR-28000How do I find Filename 0A0A0A64.img to recover access point.u-boot>> printBOOT=part1CASset=maxENABLE_BREAK=1FACTORY_RESET=0MALLOC_len=5MANUAL_BOOT=0MEMORY_DEBUG=0MPmode=SMPautoload=yesbaudrate=9600bootdelay=3cacheShare=nodisaMv...

Resolved! AIR-CAP1702i-E-K9

I have more than  5 "AIR-CAP1702i-E-K9" devices. all pre used now all  of them are factory reset.should i have to configure one by one or is there any way to configure on one go ?  how to make the users inside the same network auto athenticate to the...

riyas2khan by Beginner
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Resolved! Tagging Management Vlan | Mobility Express

I am setting up my lab with 2800 mobility express controller. I am trying with tagging management vlan.wlc management ip: vlan: 59vlan 58 is for AP's.Here is my switchport configuration:interface GigabitEthernet1/0/5descriptio...

animesh_R by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Can I use DHCP pool in EWC?

You can create DHCP pool in EWC. However, connecting to the SSID does not renew the IP. Do I need to create a DHCP pool and then do the following?

Snika by Enthusiast
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Cisco AP 9120/3802 image upgrade without WLC

Hi Guys, We are running AP replacement project and while replacing old AP with new AP, AP are taking more time to download image from WLC during association. (this may be due to site WAN is having low Bandwidth) My query is, is there any way if we ca...

Noovi by Beginner
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How to disable POE negotiation on 9124AXI?

I've connected 9124AXI on a POE+ switch and the AP is complaining about that it wants UPOE, but POE+ is good enough.The thing is that this causes the LED to flash between red and green because it's complaining about not enough power. Planning on usin...

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