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Hi Guys,   we have a requirement to disable the certain SNMP OID/MIB's on WLC  which are sending too many traps to the SNMP/NMS server. Is it possible to disable or exclude these traps from being sent on the WLC to the NMS servers. Currently i can se...

Hi, I have Cisco WLAN Setup with following details WLC: WCS: MSE: Context Aware Service : wIPS Service: 1.0.2066.0  The issue is that i am not able to track rogue access points  via WCS. The snapshot of WCS...

I have a Cisco 3650-24PS that supports PoE+. Our 2600 and 2700 AP's Work fine. Our 2800  AP's are not working, they are unable to Connect to the WLC ( The AP's are reporting 'Radio0 not started, not enough POE power'. We have an identical ...

bvj197222 by Level 1
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Have not seen any answers to this but must be a question over the years.   So I have many access points powered with POE injectors and want to know (and monitor) the power being consumed by the access point to determine if there are problems with the...

So need to validate something:   Client --> AP --> WLC --> Switch --> Firewall --> --> Client has an IP AP = WLC =   Firewall will see the client IP as the source and NOT the i...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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Hello Experts,   We recently did a site survey and added more AP's and also changed the position of the existing AP's based on the survey results.   We noticed two strange issues.   1>MAC book users located around 10Ft away from the nearest AP has co...

Good morning, we have the following setup on our 5520 controller using ISE 2.2 as the AAA server. As our network engineer left I know nothing about this setup but have been asked to look in to limiting bandwidth on a per user basis, would it be possi...

Mottok by Level 1
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I'm pretty sure that is the case but wanted to confirm.  Even if I configure external authentication on a Cisco WLC I will still need to install a 3r party SSL cert on the WLC to get rid of the error message?  There is not way to do it where the requ...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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WLC 7500 FLEX - not booting!!! Hi,   I have even downloaded the new software (AIR-CT7500-K9-8-0-152-0.aes) and burned it to cd/dvd in ISO and normal format, but it shows the cd/dvd boot failed.   Can anyone assist me on this please, or ther...

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