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We recently had to upgrade our 5520 to from speed up the process, I had pre-downloaded the new image to all APs (a mix of 3502i & 3702i). So we rebooted the controller, and after it completed the boot process, all the 3702 APs j...

Hi, is there a command that shows the certificate key hash of a LWAPP AP?I would like to enable the AP authentication on my WLC and I was wandering if there's an anternative way to debugging the join process because I have several AP.Thanks,Matteo

Resolved! EAP-FAST With MFA

Hi, is it possible to deploy EAP-FAST without the anyconnect NAM module? I'm trying to use the option from the windows drop down list for the authentication methods but getting the attached error message and ISE complaining about not finding the auth...

NETAD by Level 4
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Hello, We have Cisco WLC 5508 and obseved below status from WLC, Power Supply 2................................... Present, Power Off, Fan On What does it mean that  power status is off but Fan is on ?  Commonly the power is off and the Fan should b...

DuJin0509 by Level 1
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Hello all,   I'm trying to resolve an issue with WIFI network that was handed over to me for one client. The problem is that users are not able to join corporate WIFI which should be using WPA2-Enterprise so users should be authenticated towards NPS ...

mSumo by Level 1
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We currently have 4 GLC-T connecting to the WLC5508. However, I still feeling the wireless VLAN is a tab slow while we have all the users on. Do I need to add more GLC-T?   Currently environment:  1000-1500 devices connecting to 55 AP. AP are 35 3505...

Frank_Cor by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hi,   I have around 100 AP groups as its for multi-sites, i am getting a new controller and migrating the configuration.   I tried to take the backup and restore it, the configuration is there with all the AP groups and other details.   But in the AP...

Hi, I installed a new 2504 WLC and new 3802i APs, however the APs are not fully functional. They keep cycling the LED RED/GREEN/BLUE which I don't even see in the troubleshooting guide. WLC running, APs connect, take a license, but none of ...

Resolved! AP's

Hi I'm working with a client who looking to install the lowest-cost Cisco AP's on each of his 7 locations. The goal is to provide WI-FI for his customers and obtain their email addresses before they connect. What would be the best model to use? These...

Hello, I want to deploy 10 - 15 APs in 5 branches and want to have controller in each branch as well as centralized controller in the HQ. This is because the count of APs in each branch may reach 30 APs and expected to go up to 10 branches. I want to...

SSID is not working with win10 or mac OS but it works just fine in Android and IOS. I have enabled 802.11kvr. As soon as I enable PSK then it fine. WLC code is 8.3.140 and APs are AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9.  Let me know if you need more info. 

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