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Hi, I have an issue where the 2802i AP are not join the 2504 wlc the firmware is 8.2.151 which is reccomended. The 2802 get the correct ip and option 43 hex value set correctly to point to the wlc mgmt address but the 2802 are not hitting the contr...

peng by Beginner
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Weird Issue here: Cisco 8510 on code I have read of at least one other user having this issue a year ago, but no resolution. I have 3702i access points and in some areas, users call in with voice quality issues or other connection issues a...

hello, I configured fingerprinting on Infoblox IPAM. My new outdoor 1562i doesn't work because of the wrong "object ID". Actually, I am using the default one " Vendor Identifier AP.150" which is natively in the Infoblox. You can see more information ...

Eric by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, I need help in one of the issue. there is issue on going with particular access point. clients are not able to connect to it and connect to other 2 LWAP's that are 6-7 meter away. Even  on standing close to that access point, no one is ...

datta.a01 by Beginner
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Hi, Attached is the 'Access Point View' UI of a WLC with firmware and would like to know the meaning of 'Throughput'. The AP in this view is a Root AP 'RAP' with only one Mesh AP 'MAP' connected and the mesh link at that time is MCS13 (MAP ...

EE_36220 by Beginner
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Hello everyone, Right now we have a branch office with two APs connected to a WLC on central site. 2 SSIDs are broadcasted (one corporate, one guest) The APs have a static address and the clients are getting an address from a DHCP in central site wh...

Win 10 laptop is not connecting to WLAN (802.1x - EPA-TLS) Here are the logs: *apfMsConnTask_5: Apr 24 15:32:09.961: a4:4e:31:45:f8:0c Processing assoc-req station:a4:4e:31:45:f8:0c AP:f8:4f:57:79:ec:60-00 thread:151aec40*apfMsConnTask_5: Apr 24 15:3...