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If you have an ASR 9910, with two A99-RSP-SEs, how many Fabric Cards do you have? I believe with out adding additional Fabric Cards each RSP has one if that's correct, which would be two Fabric Cards total per 9910? Trying to figure out how much band...

NullRoute by Beginner
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Can we use both pem v1 and v2 in the same body of asr a9k-9010? Could you please help me with this?I have asr 9010 and got 2 pem v2 previously and we got other pem v1 so can we place both versions of modules in the same body by replacing the pem chas...

subal by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR 9k 0/BPID0/SP

Hi! I have two identical ASR9k, but one has '0/BPID0/SP' device and other not. First:#show hw-module fpd location all Tue Dec 14 19:00:03.751 MSK ===================================== ========================================== ...

Jantao by Beginner
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Hello,I am checking upgrade documentation for IOS XR 7.3.2. I found that for some versions the bridge SMU CSCvw57276 is necessary before upgrading. So this means I need one additional step if this SMU is not yet installed. Is this also necessary (and...

mw79 by Beginner
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Hi,today we were performing some tests in our lab to verify that l2protocols such as LACP,STP,CDP were being forwarded to the end of a circuit. For this purpose we set up two ASR 9906 equipped with a A9K-RSP5-SE RSP and a  A9K-24X10GE-1G-SE line card...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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