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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

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Dialling Jabber from Excel

Hello,I'm currently using VBA and sendkeys to initiate the click 2 dial (Ctrl Shift J) feature of Jabber.  I would prefer to create a hyperlink though my network restrictions won't allow me to change the default program for the TEL protocol.  Is anyo...

IVR Call Reponse with Jabber SDK Web

Hello guys,I have created an application using Jabber SDK for audio call from client to partner. Now there is a requirement for IVRS where user will be asked for entering 1 or 2,3, etc.Like 1 for call to tool operator.2 for service operator3 to finis...

sunilk by Beginner
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Event jabber angular2

Hello,I would like to know if we can use Jabber events (for example OnTelephonyConversationStateChanged) with angular2 and how?I tried to write a function but it doesn't work :OnTelephonyConversationStateChanged(json:any):void{     //do something}Wit...

Can anyone please guide how to connect to jabber client using jabber web sdk?

I need to connect to jabber client application to enable call accept/reject from a web application.Can anyone guide to do the same using web sdk.Tried sample code available from internet. But the cwic.LoginController.setCUCMServers() itself throws a ...

chr.balaji by Beginner
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Resolved! Retrieve Mailbox User Name Audio

Hi,I'm looking to build an integration with Unity, and have spent the last day reading over API documentation. I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for, so I thought I'd float the question to the community.Given a specific mailbox, I'd like to be...

ssaimo by Beginner
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Resolved! Data Exception with POST

Hello i am attempting to submitted data by by using POST instead of PUT. however CUC is coming back with the following error.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><ErrorDetails><errors><code>DATA_EXCEPTION</code><message>Missing para...

Subscriber List Query Contains

Hello all, Is it posible to do a Subscriber list query using contains to match extensions? I am able to use "/vmrest/users" to list all of the users in the systems however I have not been able to successfully run a query using any "?query=". Can some...

How to enable SSO for UC host

Hi, i am trying to fetch SSO token by using and provided ...

prmeshra by Beginner
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