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After Installed Cisco Configuration Professional and it's  Prerequisite program  i found error say"Cisco Configuration Professional use port 2038 and its blocked or used by other program" iam already checked it and  found it not used  ... otherwise i...

Hello, I have some MDS 9132T switches that I want to do basic zoning on using a GUI. I can learn to use CLI but would rather not. So do I install fabric manager or DCNM? I started a DCNM install. Got thru a few different errors but the last one about...

rdemaat by Beginner
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When we upgraded from Prime 3.2 to 3.7 and then to 3.8 the alarms section got a problem. The problem is that all alarms got the same date which is todays date and the date changes every day and be the date of today. Is there anyone who had te same pr...

moudar123 by Participant
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Hi, Guys, I'm asked to have multiple virtual firepower devices working in the FTD application to provide traffic segmentation, what kind of deployment mode i should take in FMC to accomplish the task? Thanks for any help!

Hello, We have upgraded our C1111-4P/8P box from IOS 16.9.4 to 16.12.4 Noticed that no ip boot server is present in OLD IOS and missing in upgraded IOSAny idea on why is it absent and will it create any functional impact on any services.  Other is , ...

SR70982 by Beginner
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I have cisco call manager server and I have another server have the TSP client installed and I have my c++ application build the TAPI api in order to manage the CTI lines and answering the incoming call . I successfully register the line and answer t...