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How to Get License UDI for installing Firepower Services on 5500X running with ASDM ?

Hello!I have 5500x series firewall in production running on ASDM now i want to buy a Firepower Services license so for that i need to know the UDI of firewall how can i get license UDI?Note: Right now i have no ASA Firepower configuration tab in ASDM...

Resolved! Cisco 2960X stacking

Hello, At my firm we have to expand our stacks. We bought extra switches, same models but they came with a new ios. When we add the switch to the stack does the ios has to be the same or are the different ios compatible with eachother? kind regardsBe...

IOS-XR has problems running EFP

Hello  I run Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 6.0.1examplePC5 (e0/0.10) ---- (g0/0/0/2.10) R1 (g0/0/0/4.10) ---- PC6 (e0/2.10)But PC5 cannot ping PC6, what is the problem? PC5interface Ethernet0/0.10  encapsulation dot1Q 10  ip address 255....

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