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hi all,   i have deployed expressway for cms webrtc what i did : 1. expressway C & E has configured for MRA (verify OK), the expressway-E use only 1 NIC and NATed 1:1 to ip public 2. configure webrtc proxy on expressway, following guides   the proble...

ahmed by Beginner
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Hi all,Danish characters æ, ø and å (UTF-8) )is not supported in password when logging into Jaber (and other Cisco IPT services). Credentials is authenticated against our AD. But how do I turn on support for æ, ø and å characters? Is it on our CUCM?C...

skirk1983 by Beginner
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Can somebody please confirm the following is true and that I didn't miss a configuration setting somewhere. Jabber is new-ish and there is great confusion around Group Chat and replication/membership between a users PC and iPhone  We are version Jabb...

kkelly by Beginner
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Resolved! CMS & VMWare Tools

Hello, Is it possible to upgrade the vmware tools on a CMS System? I am able to upgrade for cucm, cuc, imp etc and the version is 10287 aka 10.1.15 - however the CMS shows as 2147483647 and the OS as Other (32bit)   Anyone know the underlying OS also...

Hi, new user for Cisco Webex (coming from Skype).  When starting or joining a new meeting, right now I have to select my audio option by clicking an option.  Any way to set a default option to start automatically? I would ideally like it to call my...

jamesdiehl by Beginner
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Hello, I have a client who has users who use both thick and thin clients. They are currently looking to deploy Jabber for Windows and want to disable video when running in a thin client environment but enable it when running in a thick client environ...

In the options menu for Cisco Jabber 11.8 Client under Notifications, I have Chat Messages Enabled and set to 'Notifications stay on screen until dismissed'. However, when I set my Availability status to 'Do Not Disturb' the notifications do not show...

wgarvin01 by Beginner
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We recently moved to Cisco Spark for our office with Intellepeer for our SIP provider and at times when someone calls the main number which has an automated attendant message some callers have received a message that states "all operators are busy". ...