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Resolved! Nexus 9332C SGT/SPX

Hi, Any knows if Nexus 9332C support TrusSec SGT/SXP GBP policy for SDA Access solution? We need to implement the Fusion Role with the nexus, but we cant find information if they support SGT/SXP. Thanks in advance!

thorchin by Beginner
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Resolved! Question for 92160YC-X port configuration

Hello,Apologies if you find my question dumb but I have a question regarding the ports on Nexus 92160YC-X, I'm getting confusing information through Google. There are 6 QSFP+ ports 4 out of which are 100-Gbps capable. Can I use them all, I mean, 4x10...

ss1 by Beginner
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Cisco Nexus 5672UP SFP/Interface speed

Dear Team. I would seek your kind advise and help to resolve below issue which am facing. Am, configuring 10G SFP connection on Nexus switch (5672UP), the interface shows the status SFP validation failed and interface not getting up. I have changed S...

farispv by Beginner
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Resolved! vPC peer-link question...

Hello.I never run Nexus Swithes...So, I have a few questions. In an environment configured with a VPC Can the traffic of the Orphan port connected to the bottom be forwarded through the peer link??? (I wonder if it works like Catalyst's Inter-link.) ...

GU JAHONG by Beginner
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Nexus7706 to Nexus7710 migration

 Hello, Need migration assistance. I have  double  sided  vpc between POD core(N7706) and multiple Pod  Access  switches(N9ks) and HSRP resides alongwith  STP  primary  on Pod  Core 7706s. I need  to  upgrade  these  Pod Core nexus 7706s to new Nexus...