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Hi, I'm no DC expert, need some guidance. We're currently connecting 2 small DC's using Cisco N7K with OTV running to extend the VLANs. They're connected using 1 link from 1 provider (1 Gbps layer 2 link with jumbo frame). Customer wants to add a sec...

Caue W by Beginner
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Hi All,I am currently designing a VXLAN EVPN Multisite fabric using DCNM and I'm looking for some guidance regarding best practice for the following configuration.In each fabric we will have two Spine switches and six Leaf switches. Two of the Leaf s...

dm2020 by Beginner
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Hello, I have Nexus 3064 on as my core switch. In official documentation we can read that is "1.28-Tbps switching capacity"But how it look like on L3 ? I want to set up VRRP with other router and Nexus will be as backup "router" but I'm afraid that c...

DeviC3 by Beginner
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Hi,allOur company have 2 93180YC-FX swiches,they 've been be used as Leaf switch.We have some questions about IP fabric for media,Can 93180YC-FX support NAT & NBM? Can 93180YC-FX be used as a Spine switch?How should we  configure switches and DCNM Co...

Hi, Anyone know if Cisco Nexus Cloud is released for General Availability?  I cannot find any enablement documentation around this product and my customer wants to incorporate it into their network. Any advise will be highly appreciated.Regards