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Hi, First time poster so please forgive any mistakes.  I need some advise regarding a design question. We want to connect Nexus server switches to our core devices (Nexus 9k). The core devices will be VPC peers. The end servers will be connected to t...

tsd by Beginner
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I am trying to connect Nexus 5k to nexus 9k over a fiber link. This is a single Port channel VPC with 1 interface in the Po. The CDP is up, but one of Port channel remains in BLK state and we are getting below logs :log: STP-2-BRIDGE_ASSURANCE_BLOCK:...

Dear all, Nomally IOS Router can not configure if there is not VRF RD(Route Dintinguisher) under MP-BGP configuretion like below.   ISR1K(config)#router bgp 1 ISR1K(config-router)#address-family ipv4 vrf TEST % VRF TEST does not have an RD configured...

mhiyoshi by Participant
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