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Dears,I was looking in my cucm Certificates and I found that the tomcat.pem certificate is expiredValidity From: Tue Apr 18 15:19:19 AST 2017To: Sun Apr 17 15:19:18 AST 2022and according to the documentation theService Impact by the Certificate Store...

Could you plz help me in this situation ?Suppose that one inbound external call came from SIP trunk and one extension pickup this call , and try transfer this call to another internal extension didnt work, when this extension that is trying transfer ...

Is there a way to only allow visibility to the Device > Phone and User Management > End Users?I setup an account with these Access Control Groups:Standard CCM read onlyStandard CCM feature ManagementStandard CCM Phone ManagementStandard CCM User Mana...

MrButton by Beginner
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Hello Team,I am curious how to set up remote users phones to allow them to use local country code. More specific I am in Germany and so the system is in Germany and set to the region. I have users in Italy that would prefer to have their calls there ...

jamesctr by Beginner
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