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Resolved! Next-hop issue with BGP Support for IPv6 Prefix Export from a VRF Table into the Global Table

Hello,I would like to export an IPv6 prefix learned by MP-BGP from a vrf table to a global routing table!Router#sh bgp vpnv6 unicast vrf ba 2001:0DB8::/64BGP routing table entry for [65500:100]2001:0DB8::/64, version 108BGP Bestpath: compare-routerid...

filopeter by Beginner
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VPLS redundancy access design

Hi all,I want to connect our CE (a stack of 2 x C9500) to 2 PE VPLS. This is my first time with VPLS and I have some doubts to clarify.I suppose that I cannot configure 2 uplink ports as L3 port without specific configuration on the PEs (cause I simp...

suneq by Beginner
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ASR1002 or ASR903

                   HI ,I want to know what is the best position as Provider Edge for MPLS network ASR1002 or ASR903,what we need to be supported is VPLS ,Atom ,TE,multicast.? please advise


I have two questions pertaining to BGP. There are as follows; Q.1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of a BGP free MPLS core? Q.2. If a BGP neighbor is stuck in the Idle state, what steps would you take to correct to get into the Established s...

Aneek by Beginner
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MPLS VPN design question

Hi,I am being asked to research the best approach to solve our current problem and I was hoping I could be pointed in the right direction on what approach would be best to solve our issue. Currently, our issue is we have two data centers at two separ...

Resolved! Cannot run l2vpn and mpls ip commands in ASR 1001-x

Hello ! I have an ASR 1001-x and IOS is Version 16.03.10. I don’t know why I can’t use the mpls ip and l2vpn vfi context commands in this version (for VPLS), can anyone tell me that I need upgrade the version or buy a license ? which license if I sho...

9813108aa by Beginner
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7609 high cpu due to CEF Scanner

Hi,We have 7609 box as PE router in our network but it recently it has high CPU due CEF scanner as the following,how can we troubleshoot this issue. MPLS-PE-7609#sh proc cpu sCPU utilization for five seconds: 79%/3%; one minute: 77%; five minutes: 78...

me_noori by Beginner
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MTU Change C7200-I/O-2FE/E

Anybody knows if the MTU for the FastEthernet interface on the C7200-I/O-2FE/E can be changed ?I'm planning on implementing MPLS/VPNs using the FA Port as a MPLS Trunk and I need to change de MTU.

luis.rueda by Beginner
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Resolved! eompls or mpls?

Hello everyone why use eompls? Wouldn't it be better to use mpls? Is there an extra step in encapsulating with eompls? That is with mpls I create a circuit with direct path labels. But I don't understand why eompls maybe because it creates alternativ...

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