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We are installing MPLS links to a number of remote locations. We are seeing substandard speeds to certain locations. In some cases the initial connection to a resource is slow but once the connection is made the speed is fine. We are not seeing any e...

hello,everyoneI am learning mpls vpn ,I am also seeking a new job that is about telecommunication.I want a complete comfiguration example for mpls vpn using about eight routers.The mpls domain may be divided into two AS ,one runs ospf routing protoco...

Guys,Has anyone can tell me the convergence time for BGP. Basically, I have 2 CEs on redundancy. However, I find that the time taken to failover from primary to secondary link took 22secs. Is this a normal timing taken for conversion over MPLS on BGP...

1lumkk by Beginner
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I have a pseudowire connection beetwen a subinterface ATM in a C7200 and a subinterface Fastethernet, the xconnection is UP but I can't send packets beetwen the CE sites

Hi,I just wanted to know if it is possible to implement a Multi-VRF CE with the ff platforms:SITE-A Multi-VRF CE (C2811) using VWIC-1-MFT-G703SITE-BP.E. (C7206VXR) using PA-MC-8TE1 The two sites above(SITE-A to SITE-B)are linked via E1 connection. I...


Hi, what is the diffrence between DSCP or IP precedence and what is the Criteria to implement qos ...when we will use IP precedence and when DSCP, and what is the default DSCP or IP precedence for IP packet example :if any ip packet originating from ...

Good morning all - I'm trying to setup an Internet VRF with two separate providers; each provider will terminate on different PE. I would like to place customers in hanging from a CE into this VRF for Internet services. For simplicity, I'll redistr...

faresn by Beginner
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Customer is using a 3845 with the 12.4(8)a IOS and they would like to know that Is it possible to send SAA Jitter probes inside specific VRF's? Many Thanks in advance. Regards,Satish

smothuku by Rising star
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Is there a way to allow customers from two separate VRF to transfer data between them .both vrf are on the same7609 PE router.

metro.cwj by Beginner
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