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Hi guys,I was wondering if someone could shed some light and clarify the following questions:1. When building TE LSPs with dynamic path selection, you can use TE weights instead of IGP costs. Assuming you do that and the path chosen is completely dif...

dknov by Participant
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Distance vector uses split horizon and route poisoning for loop avoidance. What techniques are used in MPLS for loop avoidance?Thanks,John

Hi,Does anyone know of an implemented method to provide PE Node Protection? Failover time is key here.Network topology has pair of PEs at each site, with each PE connected to a seperate P. The 2 PEs at each site are connected and link protection is i...

I want to setup a Traffic Engineering tunnel across two PEs. The challenge is that I wish that some specific VPN use this tunnel, while other VPN use another route. In case of failure though, the traffic should failover. How do I specify which VPN ca...

olorunloba by Contributor
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Hi,What would be the specific troubleshooting steps in VLAN Mode Scenarios using specific VLAN tags.How can we use VLAN tags for troubleshooting EoMPLS. I understand that we can use end to end LSP check, VC status in port mode and vlan mode.Cheers Ga...

Folks, Can someone send me a documentation that explains the main difference between LDP and TDP. After what version of IOS did cisco start implementing LDP as the default label distribution protocol?How do i convert from TDP to LDP?Can TDP a...

Hi ,I've had the following problem with a customer of ours and I'd like to know if there's any tools I can use in the future to better diagnose the problem if it may arise again.The customer is a bank with hundreds of brnach sites. All of them are co...

scolombo by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I'm having problem connecting my router to the sp. I turned on debug ppp auth and debug ppp neg. Below are the debug output, can anyone help to determine what is the problem?Oct 10 14:51:16.674: Vi1 AUTH: Timeout 1Oct 10 14:51:16.674: Vi1 PAP...

Danilo Dy by Engager
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Hi everybody,Does anybody know the behaviour of the following commands on a Cisco PE (Cisco 10720):ip telnet source-interface Loopback0ip ssh source-interface Loopback0Loopback0 is in the global routing table and hence not advertised into a VRF.I wou...

K.v.Peer by Beginner
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Hi,I was wondering, is it possible to build an MPLS network on top of L2VPNs? To be more specific, Imagine that a Service provider X can offer you point-to-point or point to multipoint Ethernet L2VPNs. You might want to take advandage of this in orde...

pavlosd by Explorer
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Hello all,We are deploying an MPLS transport network for our research project, and we are getting undefined errors about the QoS application over tunnel interfaces. The tunnel interfaces are those we configure between end points.For example, if we ap...

jdavid_t by Beginner
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I was asked lately if it is possible to run a layer one loop test on a T1 through an MPLS cloud. My answer was that it does not matter. MPLS is at a different layer. I was told that this is different. When you send a loop code, when testing a T1 with...

padova by Beginner
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PE5-MAL-BE(config-if)# service-policy output ccna-sp-nan1-out-MIPSI/f Serial1/1 class class-default requested bandwidth 34360 (kbps) Available only 34002 (kbps)interface Serial1/1 mtu 1500 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay IETF no ip mroute-ca...