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HelloI need some help with Topology services in Campus Manager application in LMS. I have some branches in our network. They are connected to our LAN network through IPSEC/GRE tunnels over WAN network. I would like to show these links in topology ser...

Hello,I have a new installation of lms 4.0.1 on windows server 2008R2 (64Bit)Everything seems to work fine : Topologie OK , Config archive OK .Except that when I go to:Admin>collection setting>data collection, I recieve an error message : " Error whi...

mmisonne by Explorer
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We have noticed that on RME when collectoing Configs from FWSM devies that it opens 3 SSH connections to the FWSM.After successful collection it closes 1 but leaves the other 2 connections open for an hour.Why does it do 3 and why does it not termina...

I am about to do a new install of LMS 4.0.1.  I've been quite used to the old school CiscoWorks2000 and on but this is a new "animal."We have typically broken our NMS into two servers:  One handling most of the Common Services, RME, Campus Manager, e...

amdi by Beginner
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I need to set up syslog for my Cisco 6509, but I'm at a loss to how I set a path. I can set a host or IP address for my syslog server, but how do I tell it what path/folder to use?