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Hey,I would like to backup the config of all devices but I have an error whan I launch the Sync Archive.See the error below:Hello,The following is the status of your Sync Archive job:Job ID         : 1637Status         : Job Failed(1)Description   : ...

Hi,Running the latest updates for CiscoView, but the Cat3560 fails to load with Dtshare not up to date. System is upto date with all other packages.Any ideas ?ThanksC:\Users\IanADM>d:\ciscoworks\bin\psucli -p cvw -install -src d:\psu_download\cvServi...

Ian Beck by Level 1
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Hello,I would like to update the device package for Cat3750.The readme file from update package says that DtShare V1.10 ( has to be installed first.I have actually DtShare V1.9 installed but there is no DtShare V1.10. When I ex...

Hi, I have cisco 3560G with C3560 Software (C3560-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(53)SE1 Image. I want to configure it for EEM feature so that when my Gig 0/7 port goes on it will automatically shutdown the port Gig 0/1.MPLS_WAN_NET#show event manager ...

Dears,I'd really like to understand better how LMS maintains this summary view.I would expect that the succeeded + failed will give me the total number of devices managed by that application. (right?)I found that for Config Archive the partially succ...