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Hello, I want to test the hostname to IP resolution i want to use thecommand (NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/ IP ) for testing, My lms is installed in D:/CISCO WORKS folder i tried by applying command but i get the following error.Can anybod...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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All Network Uplift/Upgrade Experts:My company is upgrading our existing network and adding two CIsco 7010 switches. We are buying the hardware and hosting it with a hosting provider. The hosting provider provides hosting/support services up to the OS...

Hi ,I have a Ciscoworks server in which syslog.log file are continueously growing everyday in size.When i checked the syslog file i have observed that most of the logs related to DOT1X-5-SUCCESS or AUTHMGR.Because of this syslog file size is increasi...

lalit by Beginner
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Hi everyone,Is there any way to import/create from CLI a poller with hundreds of interfaces attached for tenths of devices? Creating a poller with more and more interface monitoring instances is a real pain and it is fairly easy to destroy such polle...

tomeq82 by Beginner
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Hi,Can anyone tell me why there RME collection status of Cisco LMS screen shows me different values compared to RME config protocol summary? For example, RME collection status > config archiveSuccessfully   Collected17Failed to Collect114Partially Co...

Hi,I know that MIBs for IPv6 exist: IP-MIB and IP-Forward-MIB. But I didn't find the oids for following statistics:  IPv6 ifInPackets, IPv6 ifInUcastPkts, IPv6 IfOutUcastPkts and so on. Does somebody Know the oids for these IPv6 statistics?Thank youR...

Hi,I have configured IP SLA to determine behavior of a local service provider and have it working great, one question stands.  I have set up the packetloss perameter and it seems to look (appear) as a counter.  I need to know if the counter is the ac...

e.craig by Beginner
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Hello Members,i've added manually a bunch of Cisco Router 2911's and 2801's. On one of the the 2911 and 2801 the Config Collection fails. Data Collection, User Tracking, Inventory and Fault Discovery worked fine for all routers just on the two router...

I've added a local host file to my Windows server running LMS4.0. I confirmed that now resolves hosts previously known only by their IP address as hostnames.My question is what do I need to do to make the various components now integrate ...

Hi,We have LMS3.1 with CM 5.1.4 installed. Somehow user tracking is working for just 2 switches. From all other switches there are no UT records. I guess this is some configuration issue but I don't know where to start troubleshooting. Can someone po...

kerklaanm by Beginner
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