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HI,When and how is the Perl Script "" to be used.As I have noticed that alough my Server name is X some configuration files contain the old Server nameAs I migrated to an updated Server with a restore.Thanks

Ian Beck by Level 1
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Hi,To save my sanity, can anyone tell me if there is a simple oid for getting the root port of a PVST instance via SNMP?I've gone through the MIB browser and tried various things (mostly under stpxRPVSTObjects & stpxRSTPObjects) but nothing appears t...

HI,For some reason the Phone Discovery is not seeing all our phones, it has in the past,I have made no changes to switch or CUCM.But how can I investigate why collection is not work, what log files etc.Many thanks

Ian Beck by Level 1
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I know this is something easy, but for the life of me I cannot find where to make the change.Selected Protocols with order ==> SSH,Telnet,TFTPCommand failedTELNET: Failed to establish TELNET connectionI obviously do not allow Telnet to this device, a...

Checking the disk usage on my LMS Windows host I see that this file consuming 37.8GB of space. What can I do to correct this? App level logging was set to Info for all apps in RME, so I changed it to "Warn" for ICServer hoping that would help. Then d...

Hi Joe,I have configured logrot from cli to include all log files in D:\LMS\log folder (D:\LMS\log\*.log). with max of 1024 KB.After doing so I have been trying to schedule rotation from GUI but even after configuring & applying it doesnt work.How do...

xs.gautam by Level 1
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