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Log Space Usage on the Common Services page, I have four  logs that are way outside the recommended size.syslog.log @ 7717120 KN (Recommended size: 1048576 KB) jrm.log @ 4243431 KB (Recommended size: 1024 KB)dmgdbg.log @ 37759 KB (Recommended size: 1...

Hi Folks,One of my customer has ordered a CWLMS server for their DataCenter and they would be managing the entire network equipment from this CWLMS.Now the customer wants to keep a cold standby CWLMS sever at their Disaster Recovery site.Can the cust...

Hi,I have installed the LMS 3.2, and when i add devices in Device Management, with its credentials, but it doesn't show this devices in teh DCR.I create a dicovery and it show a message that the device is unreachable. From this server i can do a tTln...

Hi all,I am pretty new to EEM. I want to run a job to shutsdown interface gi0/2 if interface goes 0/0 goes down.A "show event manager history events" shows it was successfull but the actions are not taking place.That's what I have configuredevent man...

muca by Participant
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Hello Dears,After upgrading to rme 4_3_1_win i m facing below issues.One of the devices is out of syn but when i go on out of syn tab there is no tick mark selection to select the switch to go ahead and syn, In RME home page it shows me out of sync.P...

Hi,I want to install CUOM version 8 with Service Monitor.I want to know if it’s necessary to have the sensor Cisco 1040 to use and configure Service Monitor or I can use Service Monitor without the sensor.Thanks a lot,best regards,Omar YUNSI

omar_youn by Beginner
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