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We have LMS 2.6 on Windows platform, problem is with few devices where config archive is failed.There is no integration with ACS. Credentials (SNMP Read and WRITE, Telnet Username and Password) are OK.When trying to collect configurations Error messa...

smandrapa by Level 1
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Hi everyone.We run Ciscoworks on a Windows server. (1500 licence)Common Services      3.2Campus Manager       5.1Ciscoview                  6.1.8Ciscoworks Assistant 1.1.0Device Fault Manager 3.1.0IPM                           4.1.0Integration Utilit...

Hi,How to get the ave. throughput of a link? I have read an article that says that to measure ave. throughput of a link is tcpwindow size/latency = ave. throughput, if this is correct, then how to know the tcpwindow size of an application? Pls. help....

Hello !I have some ASA 5505 in my network, that is used to separate the company network from some poduction networks. Each ASA gives IP adresses to clients by DHCP in each production network. I would like to check by SNMP, if possible, the DHCP lease...

Windows 2003 R2LMS 3.2DFM 3.2.0CM 5.2.1RME 4.3.1Hello,All my device steel in learning mode.Also I have this error on the page DFM - Device Management - Device Import - Auto AllocationError in getting instance of TreeGenerator class

ocaron by Level 1
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We have LMS3.2 RME4.3.1 on solaris serverCan LMS see/save if a HW added/removed to the box. and is it debends on syslog or SNMP to detect changes?What is the different between Reports-Report Generato-Inventory-"24 hoursinventory change report" and Re...