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H ITeam I am getting logged out from Cisco device While checking log message I can see %SYS-6-TTY_EXPIRE_TIMER: (absolute timer expired, tty 579line vty 0 3 exec-timeout 15 0 privilege level 15 transport input telnet ssh transport output sshline vty ...

Hi,we recently purchased a C9500 48Y4C which came with one PSU populated and a blank plate covering the other PSU slot.Once power it on, the fan on the PSU runs constantly at 100% which generates enormous loud noise. There is nothing yet connected to...


Hi, I am looking for a matrix switch that can switch data from one port to the other. The data can be bits or analogic. I would like the input type to be rj45. I also need an API (ssh would be best)  I have been looking for weeks for the kind of swit...

Omri1100 by Beginner
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Hello. The PI3.0 user guide states "A maximum of two ISEs can be added to Prime Infrastructure. If you add two ISEs, one should be primary and the other should be standby.". However, it is not clear on which Personas those servers should be. Can anyo...

smp by Enthusiast
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Hello, Question regarding WLAN only sites. If an AP (4800 series) goes down, is it possible that the clients connected to that AP could fail over to another AP and impact network performance for all the clients connected to that single AP?  

Hi  I see this alert  on logs file   what  this mean ?on CRS-8  ios-XR obflmgr[70]: %OS-OBFLMGR-3-CHECKSUM_FAIL : checksum for voltage historical is wrong. Original:0xfab Calculated:0x8ae7 offset:56. The contents of nvram:/volt_hist could be corrupte...

Muradazz by Beginner
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