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Hi I'm trying to monitor the different CPUs on an ASR 1001-x but so far i can only seem to monitor the RP. I have followed the document on cisco asr oids It indicates the following,  SNMP OID to Monitor RP/ESP/SIP CPU UtilizationASR1K#show platform s...

I have an ASA 5506-x. The only role this device will do is allow 15-20 remote clients connect from the internet to access a server within our network. My question is what anyconnect license/software do I need to purchase along with anything else?

Hello, Just upgraded my asa 5506-x to FTD and can not find how to configure a DHCP Relay on FTD GUI. I have a DHCP server running on my Windows Server 2012 connected to ASA Firewall Ethernet 1/3 and Ethernet 1/2 is connected to a Cisco SG-250 switch,...

I need help with the following error I'm configuring netflow in my network and when I assigned the configuration in the interface it shows me the following % Flow Monitor: Failed to add monitor to interface: internal error: field information missing

I am having issues with a latency sensitive application and need to figure out if its network related so I am trying to see what my options are. I know IP SLA, but what results am I going to get from this? Is there an application I can run on each si...

I have Cisco Prime 3.2 setup out of the box with my Cisco 2960's showing up fine in the Network Devices inventory and all the metrics for CPU etc however I am not getting any client WIred Data .. my Wireless clients show up great..  Can someone help?...

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