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HI, We just got an ISR 4331 and I am in the process of configuring it. However, when I try to access interface Vlan 1, I am unable to access interface Vlan 1: RTR(config)#interface vlan1                                   ^% Invalid input detected at ...

csasaki by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to read the status of redundat power supplies on ASA5545-X. As far as I understood power status should be available using object "cefcFRUPowerOperStatus" with OID "" from CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB. This o...

fipete by Level 1
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Hello, Before i apologize in advance for my english or if i detail my question incorrectly. I'll provide any additional information if needed for my problem. So currently on our NNMI HP Microfocus infrastructure we're monitoring Cisco equipement with...

Hello All,   I need to capture traffic from a secure network but a PC will be capturing the traffic so one NIC will be used for the SPAN traffic and the other will be connected to another less secure network for management.  Can a hacker use that SPA...

Hi, Currently in our company running Cisco Prime Version : 3.4.0 Build : police for CUP Utilization is 15 min Use System Default 90%. Which mean alarm will generate as minor.But we receive the alert as Critical and CPU Utilizat...

cpu.PNG cpu2.PNG
alvinaung by Level 1
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I've got a Nexus 9000 Series that I'm configuring. I've configured "no password strength-check" and see that it has been disabled with the show password strength-check. Unfortunately when I try to change my password I get the following:% Wrong passwo...

hfitzger by Level 1
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Hi,Does anybody know the OID of a table that tells me whether the interfaces on a switch are configured as trunks?So I want SNMP to poll the list of interfaces and tell me which are trunks and which are access ports.Thanks in advance.regards,Kevin

khuysmans by Level 1
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