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E-mails from router

Hello, I want to configure routers (ISR4321 & 4221) to send an e-mail whenever there is a specific match in syslog. When I try EEM it seems that the client (router) is not authenticated by our e-mail server. I have found many tcl scripts on the inter...

Access Control List

Hello all, Recently I have configured a standard ACL (out) and applied it to a VLAN in order to keep users from accessing this particular VLAN. The ACL works great with one accept ion, I also have a server sitting inside of the VLAN that I created th...

RDDunlap by Beginner
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Resolved! Filtering of Logging Messages to a Syslog Server on a Catalyst Switch using a logging discriminator

Hello!I try to limit the Syslog Messages, that are sent to a Syslog Server. I started by using a syslog discriminator. My Goal is, to filter all Syslog Messages, that has a Successfull ending in terms of Authentication. I startet by creating the foll...

Cisco Prime_Lifecycle feature

My end customer wanted to enable lifecycle feature in Cisco prime device, but I am not familiar with  this Prime device.   Pls let me know how to enable lifecycle feature and what is the main purpose of this feature. And they also wanted to get alert...

NTP Authentication

Hope you all are good. I got the feed from NTP server on my 6500 switch. After that I want that other devices on my network will get feed from my switch after authentication. But other devices on network is getting feed without authentication.   6500...

PI 3.2 - Active Alarms report

Is there a report that can be run based on the Active Alarms/Events in Prime Infrastructure 3.2?   I would like to automate and email a report on all of the "Authentication Failed" events to my security team so they could investigate these events.

ROBERT T by Enthusiast
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Hi,Please explain me this error : SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input queue fullI want to know a)What causes this error.b)Is this snmp or something with the switch.c)Any MIB related to this error.d)What's the solution.I know warm rest...

srkala by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! CNA 6.3.1 seems very buggy

I see several others posting various issues with CNA 6.3.1, and I seem to have them all, plus a couple I don't see mentioned. I have tried it with Windows 10, using no compatibility, Windows 7 compatibility, and Windows XP SP3 compatibility, with res...