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Hi everyone I have a problem with a Device on our Cisco Prime (see Picture)Since we have upgraded to Cisco Prime 3.4, Prime seems to recocnise the NTP Clock period change as a configuration change and logs it in Cisco Prime. Now that shouldn't be hap...

JASI by Level 1
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Resolved! EEM in an EEM

The requirement is when the tracking object 12 is down, execute/create another event called reset-modem and it recursively run once every 60 seconds, until the tracking object 12 is up. I’ve managed to come up with this configuration. Somehow Action ...

jackawang by Level 5
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Hello all,I am looking forward to pass CCDP arch 300-320 to renew my CCNP R&S.I just want to know if there direct questions only or LABs with configuration CLI also ?Thank you for your help !

Omars by Level 1
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On Router 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0Router(config-if)#ip address address secondaryRouter(config)#ip route On Router 2 Router(config-if)#ip address ...

Mridul72 by Level 1
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Hi,   i've managed to get most of my WLCs into cCsco Prime, bar 1x. This one has been incredibly awkward and will not accept my SNMPv3 credentials - the exact same procedure worked for all my other WLC's. I set the AuthMode to HMAC-SHA & Privacy Type...

Jay_F by Level 1
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I am not able to escape from the switch module in our C3945 router using the Alt-Shift-6, x function.    When I 'Alt-Shift-6' and hit the 'x' key, nothing happens.    I had used the 'service-module' command to reach the unit some time back.    When I...

Fred6 by Level 1
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hello;   I'm trying to run a periodically script in TCL to execute an snmp get for a specific oid. there is an example of the snmp get #snmp get v2c vrf IND TEST oid SNMP Response: reqid 80, errstat 0, erridx 0 ifOp...

Hi folks,I'm trying to write an Extended ACL to do the following and running into a snag.  This may be easy for most, but i'm new to writing ACLs.  Any help would be much appreciated !!  The goal is to allow ONLY port 80 traffic from host C and D to ...

Justb by Level 1
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Hello!I have installed the last version of Cisco CP (v2.5) on a Windows 7 64 bits laptop with Internet Explorer 9 and when i execute the software (for the first time or not), i have an error like this : "Access to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems...