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Hello, i would like to use except script to automated the configuration of my switches . I tried it's work well but i have somes errors with the banner.   Here is my script :   but i have this errors :   what's the problems ?   Thanks        

Capture2.PNG Capture.PNG
rviaud by Beginner
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We have a few 4507's running which we're trying to monitor with SNMP. The OID should get me the CPU-usage in the last minute according the MIB. Now if I try to use snmpget I get the following error: snmpget -v2c -c pub...

Shazral by Beginner
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Hi guys,   i want to know what exactly detail about licensing. I have a switch 4500, but the licensing not active and permanent (enterprise service). So, i configure two command: 1. license boot level entservices 2. license right-to-use activate ents...

Hi  I have nearly 200 switches in my network with different vendor (Cisco,Junos, Allied Telesis,Dell) and nearly 3000 user using the resource.So i want to check which PC is connected which switch and port of that switch.So  Is there any possible to c...

Hi there,   I need to Archive received SMS on a  CISCO 819G-4G-GA-K9 (Version 15.5(3)M4a) to a FTP server. I entered to configuration lines: ip ftp source-interface Vlan1 controller Cellular 0 lte sms archive path ftp://user:password@

Jean-Luc by Beginner
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Dear expert,   i need to add port security in my access switches when the interface's description has AV/PV/UV/VV description AVxx:06afasf or description PVxx:05asfasf or description UVxx:06afasfas or description VVxx:0afasfasgasgfasgbelow is my t...

Hi,   I have a Nexus Switch with WAN Links in different VRFs and corresponding LANs in respective VRF. I need to configure a ERSPAN with one of the WAN links as source and ERSPAN destination connected to same switch. My ERSPAN config on switch is as ...

Hello, My customer purchased Cisco Prime infra 3.1 for WLC and MSE monitoring. They have Hyper-v 2012 environment. as per datasheet, it is mentioned Windows 2016 server & Hyper-V 2016 server.

saleem pc by Beginner
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Hi, I keep getting cisco prime alarms in the format Device IP address authentication failed for request from IP address. Please do you know how I can resolve this issue in Cisco Prime.  Many thanks in advance

aidei0001 by Beginner
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