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Hello, hoping someone can help me identify what I'm doing wrong with my script below: ::cisco::eem::event_register_timer watchdog time 20 maxrun 240 namespace import ::cisco::eem::* namespace import ::cisco::lib::* set errorInfo "" #Notify users ...

diverNB89 by Beginner
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I am creating an ACL with remark statements.  When go to view the configuration the remarks statements are not showing.  I'm running an ASR 1006 with  15.0(1)S2.  Is there anything that I'm missing?  access-list 160 remark --------------------------...

Resolved! Traffic Shaping

Hello CISCO friends.I have trouble with Traffic Shaping in Cisco router.I want to setup download and upload limits only for one host in one vlan network.For example I want to setup 10 MB/s download and 10 MB/s upload speed for this one host.I tried a...

hello I am trying to use an EEM Applet to cause subnets to be dampened I can cause the route to be dampened in  a lab environment by removing & adding network statements under BGP I am trying to use an EEM Applet to achieve this the current status is...

svbyrne by Beginner
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Hello Team, I would be appreciate if you could help me out with below mentioned query? Through custom polling with  necessary MIBS, is it possible to collect data regarding Jitter, PLR(%of packets lost) and RTD(Round Trip Delay) . related parameter...

We send traps to ForeScout servers when a new mac is learned on our IOS and IOS-XE switches.  I can't seem to find how to do that on our Nexus 5548UP switches.  Here's our current command set on our non-Nexus switches: Global configuration snmp-serv...