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Hi, hope you can help me here since I am new to EEM. I wrote a script to monitor SIP trunk status every 5 minutes and if it goes down send me an email. It works good, but if the SIP trunk is down, script will continue to run and I will keep getting a...

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Hi Team, How can i convert a .bin file to .image file?i have downloaded a specific file from cisco website now i want to use that file to be used in GNS3. Chirag 

Hi looking for some help with my EEM script to check sip-ua register status See belowevent manager applet checksipregisterdescription applet to do a show run command to check SIP registration. If not registered, a critical syslog will be created. Run...

Hello team, Can someone help me how i can assign a name to IP Addresses on cisco router? when you trace to something through my network, it shows you IP and Name (for example, x.x.x.x-boarder-gateway-router) Thanks!

Hi Guys I have a ASA version 9.5 (2), supports EEM. I would like to configure EEM to reset a site to site VPN tunnel every 30 min, essentially the following commands to be run:Action 1 = Clear crypto isakmp saAction 2 = Clear cryptp ipsec sa peer x.x...

I have a customer who is running an old version of  prime 1.1.  They would like to find out which mac address haven't been on the network in the last 6 months, so they can remove old mac addresses from their ACL. Seems like they  could pull this info...

Hello, I am sure this is a very simple question but I have been unable to achieve it :-( My customer have several Catalysts and we realised that when one of these devices is powered down or its uplink is unplugged, alert does not appear in "Alarms ...