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Dear all,I'm facing a problem in Local management system (LMS) as this message appears when we check on the syslog status :SLCA0132: Collector Status is currently not available.Check whether the SyslogAnalyzer process is running normally. , and I can...

Hi all,Every month I have to issue these commands for backup at my network devices#show run#show version# show diagnow I have around more than 200 network device form routers and switches so I go to automatic backup from cisco by using kron commandI ...

Dear Friends,i have lms 4.0 problem is that some time our switch are not consponding with lms ( unresponse event name shows ) ...when i telnet and check switch, switch not ping to lms ip...after i restart, switch communcate properly with lms ...but a...

mkkhan786 by Beginner
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