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SNMP, netToFlash problems.

Hi,We have a problem sending larger files (ios in this case) to a c2960 switch via snmp over TFTP. We can however, send configuration files to the switch via snmp over TFTP. We have also tried different hardware, which also means different software i...

Tobias by Beginner
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Upgrade OS

Dear all, I'm planning to upgrade OS for my Cisco Router 7609 & 7609-S, I'm consider between IOS 12.2(33) SRE8 and SRE9, which one more prefer?My devices include SUP 720-3BXL and 76-ES+T-20GDo you have any document to show the hardware support for IO...

minh pham by Beginner
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Resolved! SNMPTrap

Hi, I want to know if is it possible to configure 3 trap snmp on the same cisco router because we have 3 network server management means enable trap on the same device to supervise by for example LMS ,NAGIOS and  OpManager RegardsAhmed

Cisco smartports - connection problems

Hello,I tried to fight with google's but can't resolve a problem.I've got Cisco swirch with IOS 15.0(2)SE4 and configured a few ports as Cisco Access Point smartports. AP's connected to that ports works only with that setting. Case is that I even can...

pswinczak by Beginner
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Cisco PI 2.0 -- dcrcli - Tool needed

Hi all,as in LMS 4.2x we used dcrcli heavily for admin tasks like device add/delete/show credentialsI wonder if there is a similar tool on Console of PI 2.0.Does anybody of you know how to manually perform device add/delete via CLI or API?Thanks for ...