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I have HQ and Branch routerHQ       = 2811Branch = 2801Connection type Freme-relay between HQ and BranchCDP enable on interfaceThe Branch router show in UNCONNECTED DEVICE VIEW of Topologyplease solve this problemThanks

s-putpong by Beginner
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Hi Ciscosupport,when i create a poller for interface utilization and add 1 or 2 interfaces and click on finish button im getting the below error in the having ie-7 with java build 1.6.0_24-b07...CAN YOU PLS TRY TO HELP ME...Attached the sc...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hello,after trying to understand VTP pruning I thought to test it physically. I have a infrastructure with three switches (2x CAT2960 with IOS 12.2 (53) SE1 and 1x CAT 3560 with IOS 12.2 (55) SE6) connected in a line (2960-----3560-----2960), each wi...

matschu01 by Beginner
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We have LMS 4.1 - it was working perfectly for some time - it was rebooted and now the services dont start correctlyI manually started most of the services but the Daemon service will not start.The main page comes up and after I log in - all the sect...

keanej by Participant
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Hello,I’ve been trying to find some documentation on the Web Services API other than the Webservices API Guide for DCNM which gives you pretty much nothing other than a list of functions and what parameters they take...I really need some more technic...

Hi,I am facing issue with LMS 4.0. The Core Switch is showing in RED color,and device type as UNKNOWN. It was working fine but some how it is showing this problem. Can anyone help me out with this issue.Thanks,ShakirSent from Cisco Technical Support ...

shakeerali by Beginner
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Based on the stace trace, how do I determine what object is being polled??? (what is causing the high cpu for SNMP ENGINE)From the “show stack 295” output (SNMP ENGINE) router>show stack 295Process 295:  SNMP ENGINE  Stack segment 0x68226DC0 - 0x6822...

ssiwatibau by Beginner
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