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EEM to check Process

HIHow can i use EEM to capture 1st 5 process when cpu usage goes above 90 % (5 min avg).I want to store output in a flash.I tried generating trap when usage goes above 90% in 5 min and prepared applet based on output which i got.biut looks like i am ...


Anyone seen this one?  Can get software updates, but cannot get device updates from LMS 3.2.1, after installing the site change patch.  Only the CV, DFM and RME, which have devices alread in them, get the below error.[ Mon Jan 23 15:08:14 EST 2012 ] ...

FC-CIOTEAM by Beginner
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NAM 5.1 export PDF reports

Hello to all,we updated one of our NAM-1 Mpodule to software version 5.1 and noticed there is now way to export the graphic as reports. In Version 4.x i could export the graphic of the report as pdf. Is there a way to do this in Version 5.1 as well?T...

Resolved! LMS 4.2 Licence to run LMS4.0?

Hi,I would like to know if it is possible to purchase a Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 licence but use it to download and run LMS4.0.  The reason for asking is we wish to run Windows Server 2003 not 2008 and LMS 4.0 is end of sale already so we can't purchase a...

zac.quinn by Beginner
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SNNP PING for IPv6 support ?

I want to using SNMP to ping other router.In IPv4 we can use CISCO-PING-MIB.BUT:CISCO-PING-MIB  support IPv6 ?I try  "snmpset" on 7206 router IOS 15.1(3)S2, but it seem not support ipv6.(222 is random choosed)snmpset -v 2c -c public .1...

mtiger by Beginner
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